Electrician Apprenticeships In California

For both Northern California and Southern California find electrical apprenticeship programs listed here as well as Licensing information. For all locations in the sunshine state including but not limited to southern locations such as Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento, even the beautiful Long Beach and also in the bay are in places like San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno and Oakland find what the minimum qualification are for you to enter an apprenticeship program depending on you location.

An apprentice electrician works under a Journeyman in the state of California. You apprenticeship will last about four or five years. In order to qualify to be an apprentice in the state you have to be at least 18 year old and have completed one year at least of algebra with a grade of “C” or better, also you have to be able to lift heavy objects and you have to have a California State Drivers License.

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Union Apprenticeship Programs involve a five year span that will have you completing on the job training for a total of eight thousand hours usually over five years like we mentioned above, also part of this is your in class time of about 800 hours.

The state of California uses the National Electric Code book to base their tests so this will be like your bible when it comes to take the test, a lot of guys wait until later to start studying it but you can learn all of this stuff during your apprenticeship so that by the time you come to take any tests it will just be second nature.

For more information you can visit the Division of Apprenticeship Standards special website for electricans apprenticeship certifications which will help to guide you through the complicated subject of find the appropriate program for you. Also feel free to Contact Us if you have questions and we’ll do everything we can to help.

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We hope you now feel more prepared to find an appropriate program for you.

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